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This history has many strands – social, economic, cultural and military. The common thread remains the land itself, with its majestic beauty, its resistance to easy access, its natural resources and its power to inspire and instruct.

A simple walk in the woods will allow a careful observer to peel back the layers of the past and see the landscape as it was in another age. From old cellar holes to the hayfields that remain along the river valleys, to old dams and roads, the history of this land is told in its woods, fields, rivers, lakes, mountains and valleys.

Most historical societies house local and regional artifacts, photographs, research documents, books, artwork and maps. Many offer monthly programs and genealogy services. Visitors are often surprised by the number and quality of libraries in Northern New Hampshire, even in very small towns. These libraries have excellent collections of local history books and many also hold special one-of-a-kind treasures.

Beyond the books and historical artifacts, you will find the living treasures of the North Country: men and women who understand, collect and preserve the heritage of this region, so that the links between past, present and future will remain unbroken. Museums, libraries, and historical societies are all good places to meet these experts. The region’s heritage lives on, too, in the work of artists and craftspeople who keep old skills and traditions alive, and in the working traditions celebrated at fairs and festivals.

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